Strategic Planning Services

In this, the Information age, data and information are the keys to success. But the most valuable data is not from external sources, but the data you have been collecting and using all along.
Consider that almost every company has order entry systems, some type of customer support systems, and some sales reporting system. The challenge is how to turn those costly systems, which have been developed over many years, into a strategic advantage.

What some of your competitors are doing today is figuring out how to create an interface that allows their customers to interact directly with their systems—and often over the Internet. By putting a new, user-friendly front end on top of an existing system, a company can build a new strategic advantage. Our favorite example is the Internet based FedEx tracking system. In an earlier life, this was the FedEx internal system. Now, the user is not just the FedEx agent, but customers from all over the world. And the best part—customers come in over the cost-free Internet, not over expensive 800 numbers.

Let us help you analyze your own systems and determine how best to create an advantage from what has been historically thought of as a cost.

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