Have you seen these situations in your company?
  • The new systems you paid a fortune for are harder to use than the old ones?
  • A bill for more equipment comes in every week, but productivity stays the same?
  • Employees in adjacent offices use e-mail to communicate instead of talking?
  • You are copied on what must be every e-mail sent in your company?
  • Your expensive new computers are used for playing games, and the old ones are used for work?

Have you heard these conversations in your company?

  • If only our production was more flexible, we could sell a ton.
  • Our product development department is the slowest I have ever seen.
  • I wonder if our sales reps really know what is going on in their accounts.
  • Customers are starting to say they want to place orders electronically.
  • Our competitors have the best web site in the business and they are eating our lunch.

Do these statements touch a nerve?

  • I thought we just bought new systems, how come they need to be replaced?
  • I have no idea what the computer people are saying, but it always costs more than estimated.
  • How does our competition know so much about our products and plans?
  • Everyone seems to spend more time reading and sending e-mail and less time working.
  • We really need an e-mail system and/or an Internet presence.

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